Ignition Coil Bracket Mazda RX7

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Ohlins Coil
Mazda RX7

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Mazda RX7

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  • Adaptronic Modular Mazda RX-7 PNP ECU

    Adaptronic Modular Rx7 PNP ecu is based upon the M2000, but with an Rx7 specific connector that allows you to plug the unit right into your OEM wiring harness. This unit can be installed in under 20 minutes. This unit has the same inputs and outputs as the M2000, with the following exceptions:
    This PNP(plug and play) has a few complementary outputs, so the OMP for example has 4 wires, but 2 of them are always the inverse of the other 2, so you can do it with only using 2 outputs – whereas you’d need 4 outputs on the wire-in models(m2000/m6000).

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  • CC US-SCS Toyota Tundra (Coming Soon)

    CC US-SCS (Under Seat – Storage Compartment System) Toyota Tundra