About Us

Core Component Fabrication Laboratory

Core Components manufactures and supplies highly sought after custom motorsport products. For over 25 years the founders of Core Components have been fabricating specialty custom one-off performance parts for vehicles across all forms and types of motorsports. These performance parts that not only function well but also keep serviceability and installation challenges in mind. We specialize in automotive & off-road performance. Core Components was born out of the desire to craft solutions for niche market segments that would benefit from, added features, more thoughtful design, and better execution.

With our roots firmly established in the rotary world, our initial offerings cover the coveted Mazda RX7 in the form of the FD3S. Additional marques and parts are in the pipeline for the likes of the Mitsubishi EvoX, Subaru WRX/STI and Toyota Tundra just to name a few. Our product line focus is on the integration of management electronics, intake tract components, turbocharger & exhaust components, turbo kit solutions, drive-train components, suspension components, as well as unique storage & protection solutions.

Core Components are designed, developed, and manufactured right here in the USA, in our 10,000 sq ft. Northwood, NH facility.

On occasion, Core Components enlists exclusive private label partners to manufacture niche product offerings not found elsewhere in the marketplace. These products are typically short production runs or and or special order products built for specific applications.

Core Components is dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicle performance as well as the driving experience. It’s that passions that inspires us and why we say, Core Components – “Connected to Your Core!”